Study Tip

We had two more tests this week.  One was our regular weekly unit test and the other was the ATI Nutrition test.  Once again I went to class feeling like I hadn’t prepared enough for these tests.  I had studied quite a bit since Thursday but I did take out time to attend my daughter’s three soccer games and to cook and clean.  I was stunned to learn that I did really well on both tests.  The ATI test was particularly challenging.  There was an ATI Nutrition book to read but the book did a poor job of covering the tested material.  It wasn’t just a matter of using critical thinking after having read the book.  Factual information that was included on the test wasn’t included in the book.  For example, the book would list certain food sources of a given mineral and then the test question would include different food sources of the mineral.  No wonder the national average test score for this test was 59%.

I’m even enjoying the content (well except for the nutrition test) more this semester.  It is more focused on weighty topics such as pathophysiology and less focused on things like assessment techniques and nursing care plans.  Of course, we always cover the NANDA diagnoses for each disorder but at least we aren’t having to write up care plans.  We will have to write them up later in the class when we do our clinicals.  Anyway, since things are going so well I feel qualified to offer up a study tip.  I use a digital voice recorder to make a recording of the content of the PowerPoints presented in class and then I play the recordings back when I’m driving (a cable connects the recorder to my car’s sound system through the auxilary port) or when I just can’t sit and study anymore and want to go for a walk.  This allows me to get in more study time and provides a another channel for imprinting the information in my brain.  I plan on expanding on this a bit as well by making recordings of myself reading definitions I need to know or reading about disorders.

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